Photo: Mt. St.Helens, WA, Paul Beyer

Paul Beyer Studios

Welcome to Paul Beyer Studios,

I will be working on revamping my webspace. It has been neglected for too long.

I am an Artist and IT Professional. My talents and intrests are all over the board. I have a degree in Computer Animation and one in Fine Arts, focusing on Sculpture and Ceramics.

I have over 20 years of Graphic Arts experience. I also have worked on computer hardware since I was young. My willingness to take on new responsabilities has lead me to become an administrator of multiple websites, customer managment software, acounting software and the company small business network.

I continue to create physical art as I can. I wish I had more time.

My hobbies include taking classes in Aikido, working on my agility, balance and control. I actively attend Hammer Therapy, learning blacksmithing and continuing to learn to work metal.

Download my Resume Here.


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